Monday, September 13, 2010

For the love of Menchie's.

Last Sunday, J and I went on our monthly massage and Menchie's date.  This is pretty much the best date ever and something that we look forward to all month long!  Although our massages are always wonderful and that deserves some love and attention...this post is about MENCHIE'S, my favorite place on earth!  Okay, that's a lie, there are some other places that I enjoy more, but Menchie's is heaven for frozen yogurt lovers.  There are tons of fro-yo places out there now...Gurtzberry, Yogurtland, Mochi, etc...but none are quite as good as the mecca that is Menchie's.

Let me tell you just a little bit about this place if you haven't had the privilege of eating their delicious fro-yo.  Menchie's serves the kind of frozen yogurt that has active cultures in it, so it is actually good for you!  Well, that is, if you don't cover it in Cap'n Crunch and butterscotch, but I digress.  They rotate 14 different flavors, which is something magical to me.  I used to love Gurtzberry and their 4 measly flavors.  No more!  Menchie's always has something delicious to try, like Red Velvet Cake or Dole Pineapple Whip.  I cannot emphasize enough how awesome their fro-yo is.  It doesn't taste like fro-yo, it tastes like delicious ice cream! 

As soon as you go in you are offered little taste tester cups to try as many flavors as you'd like before you decide.  They only have one size at Menchie's and it is up to you if you want a lot or a little in your bowl.  You can mix up any flavors that you want, or just go with one!  Each flavor has a counterpart next to it and you have the option of creating a fro-yo swirl.  It's true.  Last time I did the swirl with Cookies n Cream and Peanut Butter...oh man.  So after you've chosen your yogurt(s), you can go over to the toppings bar.  Think of something you'd like to put on top of frozen yogurt.  Oreos?  They have them.  Kiwi?  They have them.  Yogurt chips?  They have them.  They basically have anything you could possibly think of!  Last time I dressed up my fro-yo with graham cracker crumbs, Oreos, a crapload of strawberries, and some (sugar free, of course ;D) chocolate syrup.  It was amazing. 

Also, you pay by that gives you an idea of how crazy you can get with your fro-yo.  So after J and I finished ours (he finished both of ours...) I had a serious business craving for a delicious Filet Mignon, broccilini, and some sort of potato-y goodness for dinner that night.  J, being the amazing husband and chef that he is, wanted to make this happen for me!  We headed over to Whole Foods to procure the ingredients and that is a whole other post altogether.  To be continued!

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