Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buffalo by Candlelight ♥

As I said in my last post, last Sunday I experienced a profound craving for a yummy hunk of beef, potatoes, and green veggies.  Specifically, I wanted a Filet Mignon, broccolini, and a twice baked potato.   Even though we were full of Menchie's frozen yogurt one thing was clear to me...what I wanted for dinner.  We walked over to Whole Foods for some fresh eats.  J loves to peruse the herbs...he has a pretty serious herb garden in the backyard.  Once I got him inside and away from the herbs, we grabbed some gorgeous red dahlias, fresh ground almond butter, and then it was time for the real mission...STEAK.  We went up to the meat counter and they were *gasp!* OUT of Filet Mignon.  It was Labor Day weekend, so I guess my craving wasn't that original.  Despite this, I still wanted my delicious hunk of lean beef.  We saw they had buffalo tenderloin and decided to go with it.  I love buffalo; it's very lean and delicious.  The butcher cut us two fresh steaks, we grabbed a couple of potatoes and veggies, and came home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping around Park Avenue a bit and then we had a couple of glasses of wine.  It started to get late, so J decided to start dinner.  He threw the potatoes in the oven and we started to watch a movie.  As soon as the potatoes were done, the power went out!  I had been excited about this meal all day and I was so disappointed that we couldn't eat it that night.  I told J I would get ready to go out to dinner, but he told me that I didn't have to!  Our new place has a gas stove, so he was able to just light the stove and cook by candlelight.  He cooked the buffalo tenderloin to a perfect medium for me, tossed the broccolini in the same pan, threw some parmesan cheese on top, and voila!  Dinner.  Our power didn't come back on until 11:00 that night.  It ended up being very romantic...we just lit candles everywhere, enjoyed our meal, and drank a beautiful bottle of Sangiovese from Tuscany.  We didn't even miss the power.  And I didn't even miss the Filet.  Next time, I have a feeling I will be craving buffalo instead.

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